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5 ways to reuse your Bath Tea at the end of its life.

Have you used your favorite Bath Tea with Refills more than four times?

Don't throw it away.

Like a cat, he has more than one life!

Here are 5 ways to reuse your Bath Tea at the end of its life.

Once the sachet is completely dried, collect it to:

Flavor your clothes drawers

It will leave a sweet imprint of its scent in your underwear and pajamas drawers. Hang it on a hanger to refresh your wardrobe.

It will be a burst of happiness every time you open the doors.

flavor clothes drawer white sage reusable bath tea

Make it a shower spa

Do you like taking a bath as much as a shower?

Discover its aromatic benefits by hanging it in your shower.

The steam will revive its smell.

Collect them to intensify your experience.

Sage White Shower Spa Reusable Bath Tea

Flavor your car

No need to buy scents for the car anymore when you can reuse your Bath Tea.

Let your car soak up its scent by placing it under your seat or hanging it from your rearview mirror.

flavor car white sage Reusable bath tea

Neutralize bad odors from your sports bag

Put it in your sports bag. It will camouflage bad odors well.

flavor sports bag sage white reusable bath tea

Deodorize your shoes

Add it to your shoes to deodorize them.

Very good way to reuse them when you have more than one.

flavor shoes white sage Reusable bath tea

When you are actually finished with your Bath Tea, consider composting the contents by reusing the pouch for other uses.

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