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What are our Refills used for?

Our Bath Tea sets include a Bath Tea made with a blend of salts, herbs and dried flowers, a mini oil and dehydrated citrus slices.

So what are Refills for?

As our Bath Teas are reusable for 3 other baths, the Refills are there to make you relive the benefits of your initial experience by reusing your favorite Bath Tea without having to purchase a complete new starter set.

It is not mandatory or necessary to use Refills. They can very well be used independently of each other.

As the Salt in the pouch dissolves upon first use, during your next baths, only the mixture of flowers and herbs remains. This is why the Recharge Salt is designed for 3 other baths to give you this same experience again without having to buy a Bath Tea set. It is also unflavored to match your favorite Bath Tea, so it is a perfect complement if you have more than one Bath Tea. It can also be used alone, especially for people who are sensitive to scented products.
Sage White Refill Bath Salt
Recharge Milk is also a great alternative to Recharge Salt. Also without aroma, it is the perfect complement to your favorite range while providing a different milky experience with its vegan ingredients that moisturize the skin, such as cucumber powder or coconut milk which are excellent products favorable to the skin. hydration. It can also be used alone, just like the Recharge Salt, for more sensitive people, since it is entirely natural and fragrance-free, but just as effective.
Sage White Refill Bath Milk
Our Refill Oils recall the aromas of your favorite Bath Tea. You can also use them alone, without tea and without supplements. They are however designed, once again, to maximize your 3 other baths with your current reusable Bath Tea. It is essential for total hydration, but above all because its composition contains the essential oils necessary for your complete sensory experience.
Sage White Refill Bath Oil

Our vision is to offer reusable bath sets. The Bath Teas sets bring you into total immersion, they are concocted so that each ingredient complements each other perfectly. Our Bath Teas are designed to complement the benefits of its oil. This is why the Refills are there to make you relive this same experience with the aim of reusing Tea without waste and without residue.

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