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Sensory immersion through the 5 senses

During the bath, it is possible to enhance your sensory experience by maximizing your 5 senses at the same time. Working on your 5 senses at the same time helps reduce stress, improve mood, improve sleep quality, work on your inner self and strengthen positive emotions.

Here are some suggestions to take your bath experience to another level:


The warm bath water helps provide a feeling of well-being. It relaxes the muscles and promotes relaxation.


The addition of products such as essential oils found in our bath oils stimulate the sense of smell and create a relaxing and invigorating feeling of well-being for the body and mind.


Bath water and its added benefits stimulate this sense which feels the softness of the products on the body. This pleasant sensation is found in bath salts, but also in oils.


Other than the flow of the water jet, to maximize this experience, the addition of music is a perfect complement to promote this sense.


Creating a visual ambiance contributes to the experience of a bath by adding candles and lighting ambiance conducive to relaxation. Adding plants to the decor can also contribute to this well-being.


We don't drink bath water, however, we can enhance this sense with a glass of wine or our favorite herbal tea. This contributes to the sensory experience to deepen the 5 senses.
Each experience is suitable for everyone, but maximizing your experience by touching on these 5 spheres, for which today it is difficult to achieve, is a great way to treat yourself to a moment not only for yourself, but also for their physical and mental development. By working on your 5 senses at the same time, it is possible to improve your general well-being and strengthen connections with yourself.
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