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Reading, Short story |


When you let yourself infuse yourself with a blanc sauge Bath Tea, our goal is to allow you to free both your body and your mind.

Here is a short story written by Jaf which will make you travel and grow during your bath.

Good brew.



There I was, sitting staring at time passing before my eyes hoping to hear the bell ring that would announce the coming of the weekend. These two days off that everyone impatiently awaits from Monday to Friday and which I never see coming. My job demands a lot more from me than a 40 hour week, I constantly work overtime and my role requires me to be alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. My tasks, for their part, are indefinable. One day I'm the boss, the next day I'm being led around. The most unstable Job I've had to date, on the other hand, I developed abilities that I had never thought of. Sometimes I would like to leave her, but I love escaping into my daydreams which allow me to forget that 5 p.m. will never strike and which remind me that my reality is much more precious. Speaking of reality, I thought I heard my superior calling me and the sparkling click of a cold blonde quickly brought me down from my cloud. What ? It's Friday for me too, I have every right to treat myself.

“MOM!!!... It stank!” shouts Maélys, pointing at Léo.

My profession: Superwomen on maternity leave. A meter from Leo, I already saw the worst and I transformed into cleaning mode.

From the height of 2 years and 4 months, my boss looks at me with disgust, but my years of experience will have earned my effectiveness. The speed at which I can change a diaper allows me to endure this look AND THIS SMELL for as short a time as possible and luckily avoid any risk of unforeseen surprises such as a little hand that slips into the wrong place or a naughty little jet that springs up unexpectedly.

Boss #2 dry, I could finally taste my semi-cold beer which was already starting to lose its charms at first glance, but which I also savored passionately. Passing in front of my reflection, I could hear my mother's voice echoing in my head: ''Flora, we're not getting any younger, take care of your beauty. ''Today, she would have denied my name, because I don't look like a flower at all. My unkempt hair still looks great with its natural curves, a legacy from my father, but I couldn't say the same for my puffy, ear-ringed eyes. We would never get lost in the blue, except for me and my head which sometimes navigates. I don't know if it's the approach of thirty that is emerging on my face or if it's the lack of sleep of the last few years that is catching up with me, but I could really use a brush stroke to revive the flame before my husband's return.

It's crazy how easy it is to forget yourself when you make the choice to give life. All our time is devoted to these dependent, demanding, but endearing little beings. As soon as we have a little two minutes, we devote it to cleaning our environment in order to give ourselves the impression of breathing. Which means that we no longer have any time for ourselves.

Yet I should. Especially for me. Especially for my self-esteem. Before I was a mother and a wife, I was a woman. A strong, fulfilled and free woman. I am still that woman, but with a different vision. Just as strong, fulfilled and free.

I must constantly find this woman by taking care of myself, my body and my mind. Every moment I give myself is not selfish, it is a rejuvenation for my soul. It's a more peaceful mind to offer to my family.

“Maé, let go of your brother!”

Well, my role as mother resumes and my hot beer is still delicious.

Bedtime is approaching, this evening, I promise myself a nice hot bath and a little romantic time




A unique and original text written for blanc sage by Jaf.

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