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When you let yourself infuse yourself with blanc sauge Bath Tea, our goal is to allow you to free both your body and your mind.

Here is a short text written by Annie Leblanc which will make you travel and grow during your bath.

Good brew.



In the distance, shades of pink and orange…
Dancing sun where my gaze rests and is imbued with softness, with inner dreams.
“Breathe.” she says to herself.
The desire to stop. To contemplate so much beauty. Enjoy this moment, this smell and let yourself be infused in this Bath Tea with multiple benefits.
sage white.
She is alone in this wild place, alone on this beach. This beach which invites her to turn the page to give herself time. She takes this space to become one with herself.
She feels intimidated by this right to think about herself and taking care of herself makes her blush. She discovers a certain pleasure there, a certain pleasure.
She hears and viscerally feels each of the sensations that inhabit and surround her. The gentle breeze caresses his skin. The heat of the end of the day, the fever of the early evening, the delicious nectar of a rosé wine.
Bare feet in the sand make him want to undress completely, externally, internally to completely let go and waltz with the delicate and silky breeze.
She is happy.
This golden beach, tanned by the rays of this luminous star, calls him to stretch out on it. Beach inviting to relax. Quietly, gracefully like a ballerina performing the Swan song, she places her body on this still warm sand which, instantly, makes her feel an enveloping and comforting warmth.
This soft contact is not insignificant. She just feels good there. His body connected to his mind tells him: Thank you.
She breathes deeply while looking at the azure blue sky, the same blue as that of the deep waters. She plunges into a dream, into her dreams and she smiles at life.
She wants to embrace the sea, to abandon herself body and soul to it. She gets up and walks slowly, at a snail's pace, towards this calm water where the timid waves come one after the other to disappear on the shore.
She enjoys the feeling of warm sand between her toes. Each micrograin of sand tickles his feet and curiously, massages them at the same time.
The waves join her and cuddle her.
The waves welcome his body.
She adores.
She immerses herself completely in this refreshing water. All his senses are awake. Little tingles run through his body, climbing every cell in his body. She feels both invigorated and soothed.
She lets herself be lulled by the waves, lying on her back. Delightful moment.
This reminds her of the time she gives herself when she immerses herself in a bath scented with the benefits of blanc sauge. She feels elsewhere, only happiness.
She lets her imagination run wild. She lets herself go to the sensations while promising herself other sweet dates.
Take care of your body to soothe your mind.
She invites us to create opportunities that lead to introspection for better self-evolution.
Just a present for you.
Just a moment for yourself.


“A good hot bath is a gift, the scented water envelops the body and comforts the mind to create perfect harmony.”



A unique and original text written by Annie Leblanc.

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Annie, quel belle plume! Un texte teinté de douceur. Tu as fait valser mon corps et mon esprit.

Simplement merci!

Thania Bui

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